Jose Mari Chan memes pop up on social media as -ber months near

Photos from #josemarichan on Instagram

Photos from #josemarichan on Instagram

How do you know that Christmas season is approaching in the Philippines? 

When you see a Jose Mari Chan meme, of course!

As early as August, netizens are already counting down the days to the -ber months by sharing photos of the veteran singer, best known for his holiday classic "Christmas in Our Hearts," the titular song of his 1990 Christmas album. 

The song is so popular that you can't go anywhere during the -ber months without hearing it at least once or twice, just as much as you would expect to hear merrier carols like "Ang Pasko ay Sumapit" or "Pasko Na Naman." 

For that reason, Jose Mari Chan is now a symbol of the Christmas season—and the star of many lighthearted memes.

Check them out below:




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